Rodent Treatment & Management Services


Rodents, notably roof rats, Norway rats and the house mouse are the most common rodents found in both domestic and commercial premises.  These pests can carry diseases and can spoil and contaminate foodstuffs and rats can pose a danger to young children and the elderly through bites.  These pests are prolific and opportunistic breeders and may nest inside roof voids and walls and are often heard scratching, gnawing and moving around, particularly at night.


Rats and mice can cause major damage to property due to their constant need to gnaw to prevent their incisor teeth from getting too long.  They frequently damage timber and food containers to gain access to foodstuff and their habit of chewing electrical cables can cause fires and short circuit electrical components necessitating costly repairs

Rodent damage to electrical cable

Many families keep birds as pets and the scattering of seeds is often an attractant to rodents.  Backyard poultry enclosures can also be a very attractive source of food and nesting materials.


Modern rodenticides have aromatic ingredients making them highly palatable to rodents and special dyes which are designed to deter feeding by birds and other animals who have full colour vision.  Rodents have only two visual receptors, only responding to short and medium wavelength light rays and so they are more likely to be attracted to the baits as they see them as ‘safe’.

Treatment involves inspection to identify the type of rodent and then treatment with baits placed at sites of activity such as inside roof voids and other affected areas.  Areas of access may require proofing to prevent future re-entry.  Beaudesert-Jimboomba Pest Management Services  use lockable, child and pet safe bait stations that can be re-used as often as necessary to control the infestation.  Our operators will monitor bait station activity, usually with several follow up visits to ensure complete eradication occurs.

Rodent bait station