General Pest Services


Ants use pheromones for trail marking and will have trails from their nest to whatever food source they are consuming and it is not uncommon to find nests in roof voids and cavity walls, in window sills and even inside drawers.


Beaudesert-Jimboomba Pest Management Services will commence treatment by identifying the ant species along with nesting and feeding habits which will determine best treatment options.  Treatment aims to eradicate the pests through use of residual sprays, granules and gels which will continue to target the pests after the initial treatment has been completed.  Ant treatment includes direct spraying into nest areas and disruption of the existing chemical trails.  Ant café’s can be placed at sites of high ant activity to assist with longer term management



Cockroaches prefer dark and moist environments such as under kitchen sinks, behind dishwashers and white goods and even inside toasters but can also be found inside cupboards, wall voids and under furniture.

Cockroach on cup

Treatment of cockroaches begins with identification of nest sites and harbourage areas.  Eradication is then carried out using residual sprays and gels which will continue to target the pests after the initial treatment has been completed.

For cockroaches, especially German Cockroaches, the addition of an insect growth regulator (IGR) is necessary to break the breeding cycle.  Effective long term management of ants and cockroaches also requires modification of the environment through removing readily accessible food sources.


Spiders are very scary creatures who provoke a flight response in many people.  Spiders can close off their lungs for up to several hours so many surface sprays fail to eradicate them. Therefore fast acting contact chemicals sprayed directly on the spiders provide the most effective means of treatment.  

redback spider and egg sacs

For house spiders, dusting window tracks, roof voids, wall voids and behind furniture will eradicate existing spiders and treat hatching spiderlings but will not be effective after six weeks.  Notably, many spiders enter homes through cracks and crevices and even a large huntsman can get through a very small space so attention to these areas is also necessary.

Environmental management of spiders can be achieved through removing cobwebs when found and keeping vegetation away from eaves thereby reducing the likelihood of access by roaming spiders.  Regular lawn maintenance will also reduce insect activity and restrict likely food sources. Beaudesert-Jimboomba Pest Management Services can provide advice on environmental management to reduce the risk of spiders entering your home.


Silverfish are nocturnal and thrive in high humidity and lay their eggs in cracks & crevices.  They like starchy foods, paper and fabric and can cause considerable damage.  The spray and dust treatment used during general pest treatments will also take care of these pests

Indoor treatment includes storage areas, walls, skirting & kick boards, kitchen, living areas, bedrooms, crevices & cracks, roof cavity, kitchen drawers & cupboards and laundry