Commercial Services

Commercial treatment is about ensuring that the business is compliant with the relevant health and safety provisions relating to their specific activity whilst also providing cost effective treatment of pests.  This is essential in the food service industry where pests such as cockroaches can result in the closure of a business by health authorities.



Commercial management requires a more frequent treatment cycle due to the strong possibility of pests being brought into the premises with food deliveries.  Busy restaurants, with limited time for cleaning activities, often experience a sudden increase in pest activity at peak times.  We evaluate pest activity during each visit and use rotation of chemicals to reduce the likelihood of resistance build-up.

Cockroach on cup
Rat in garbage


Rodents can also be an issue for commercial premises and our treatment includes placement of childproof, lockable bait stations at sites of rodent activity.  A monitoring plan is provided for reference identifying station locations.  Rodents, particularly rats can be suspicious of any disturbance to their environment and may avoid stations until they become familiar.  Limitation of access to alternative food sources will increase bait consumption.

At Beaudesert-Jimboomba Pest Management Services, our treatment plan includes inspection to identify insect harbourage areas, identification of any areas requiring environmental modification, treatment of target pests with chemicals designated as safe for food service areas, which may include insect growth regulators (IGR’s) to treat cockroaches.  Our operators also conduct post treatment follow up to ensure that eradication has occurred.  Commercial premises are usually treated on a three-monthly cycle.

Rodent bait station